Snapchat privacy first Send and Request location feature is here

Send and Request location feature

Snapchat attempts to one up with its competitors once again, this time with the launch of a Send and Request location feature. The update is to allow users to share real-time locations with their loved ones, while they’re on the go, if need be.

Send and Request location feature will be a part of Snap Map and will show in the messages thread. The update was first reported by TechCrunch and has been touted as a less creepy version of Snap Map, which gave users a scare of broadcasting their location to an entire follower list.

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How does one use Send and Request location feature? Well, you click on the three line icon next to your friend’s name or long press on their name and get greeted with many options, one of which shall be location sharing. Keeping privacy first, the feature works only if both the friends follow each others, attempting to keep stalkers at bay. You can also opt to turn off location requests if it is something you don’t agree with.

Once you update your location through this feature, it shall remain live on the app for 8 hours after you have last opened the app. Further, you shall have the power to cancel anyone’s access to your location through Snap Map in case you change your mind or find symptoms of the stalker syndrome.

That’s it for now; watch this space for latest social media news and updates.