Coming Soon: Unskippable ads on Snapchat and yet another redesign

Keen to alleviate the anxiety of it’s investors and really ramp up their moneymaking prospects, Snap Inc. is now said to be testing six second unskippable ads on Snapchat.

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unskippable ads on Snapchat

Keen to alleviate the anxiety of it’s investors and really ramp up their moneymaking prospects, Snap Inc. is now said to be testing six second unskippable ads on Snapchat.

They aren’t being coy about it either, and are reported to be calling it ‘Commercials’ but there isn’t much reason to panic since these unskippable ads on Snapchat are only going to be a part of shows on the Discovery tab.

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Confirming the tests for unskippable ads on Snapchat, the company is apparently testing the tolerance of their users regarding the number of ads they will tolerate. Premium price tags and access only to major corporations will throw open the possibility for Snapchat to make considerably more money than Sponsored Lenses.

Snapchat also has skippable ads inserted between Snaps, but unskippable ones is a bold move.

Already enduring a series of assaults from its chief rival, Instagram Stories, Snapchat fell behind its clone in terms of user base way back last year, but has shown signs of formidability since they haven’t lost users, Instagram Stories has merely gained much more.

The new Snapchat redesign was at the centre of mass criticism and backlash even from the once faithful faction of celebrities who helped Snapchat maintain a certain level of popularity among the youth. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen and thousands of the general public had criticised the new Snapchat redesign and are only going to irked further by the unskippable ads on Snapchat.

Although the company is working towards addressing this particular concern by tweaking one of the most criticized aspects of it’s redesign.

Snapchat will move all the Friends’ Stories onto the Discover section of the app where it will once again accompany Stories from popular Snapchat celebrities and Influencers, albeit in two further different sections.

The trick Snapchat is attempting to carry out is balancing the amount of celebrity content with personal content from friends, which is considerably more easier on their chief rival’s version where I can view a Story from a school friend between Stories from Amanda Cerny and Henry Cavill.

unskippable ads on Snapchat

Instagram Stories shows you Stories that you are more likely to view and interact with, putting into consideration your past response to them, which personally, works for me because all the content from my favourite accounts is served to me.

The new change to Snapchat’s redesign too will be rolled out to a few users, and upon receiving favourable feedback I presume, will be rolled out to the masses while the company spokesperson is sticking to their standard response of always listening to the community.

Are you excited, annoyed or indifferent at the possibility of unskippable ads on Snapchat? Will the new redesign make you love Snapchat again? Let us know at or do leave a comment with your thoughts.

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