#Infographic A Social Media Cleanup Checklist for Bloggers and Social Media Managers

clean up social media

A cluttered webpage is not merely an eyesore, but it kills the fluid experience of your readers, driving them away instead of towards your blog. Content creators and even social media managers, here’s your answer on how to clean up social media profiles.

Customers and readers do not trust a brand if they find their social media profiles and website to be outdated and poorly maintained. Clean up social media profiles by opting for aesthetic imagery on profile pictures, banners and more, consistency when it comes to brand logo sizes, and offering relevant information such as contact number, address and other details easily.

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Visually speaking, an unkempt look might be fashionable for people but if you’re considering adopting the look for your website and social media profiles, it’s a bad idea.

If you are planning to reignite your desire to ace the social media game, and wish to get rid of all the dust and cobwebs, start afresh by examining your social profiles, reviewing all the login credentials, update the information for starters. For the complete step-by-step guide on how to clean up social media profiles, check out this Infographic.

clean up social media

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