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Social media marketing startups - Social media is an extremely crucial and very important tool for the success of a startup. You need to invest a few hours in social media religiously and your business will definitely benefit from it. It's all about the right objective, agile strategy, and precise execution.

According to statistics, 85% marketers noted gains in business exposure due to social media whereas 73% of B2C marketers are more likely to develop loyal fan base through social media than B2B marketers. Here is where social media marketing startups begins to make sense.

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The most important advantage of social media marketing is the improvement in sales and a simultaneous reduction in marketing costs. It has been found that 50% of the marketers who experienced an increase in sales had used social media marketing for atleast 3 years with a 46% marketing expense reduction in business.

With these benefits and more, this infographic spells out social media marketing for startups - 10 ways start-ups can benefit from it.


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