Voltas’ Murthy & Unwanted Atithi makes for a chucklesome watch

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No matter where you hail from, one problem faced by every family is unwanted guests. The unappreciative species, born with innate art of making themselves too comfortable in anyone’s humble abode, with themselves showing little or no humbleness.

Voltas, India’s No. 1 AC brand is back with a new campaign for Voltas All Star Inverter AC featuring their affable ambassador, Murthy and this time around he is accompanied with an eccentric, unwanted guest who makes his life difficult.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather, and produced by Soda Films, the campaign consists of two spots making Murthy & Unwanted Atithi a relatable narrative that is bound to create some chuckles.

Murthy is the victim of an unwanted guest who gulps down his morning filter coffee while comfortably plopping himself on an armchair, courtesy the peaceful sleep that Murthy’s humble abode offers as the unwanted Atithi runs the AC all night long, unlike his own house where he would use it miserly.

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Outwitting his miser guest this time is Murthy, who is not perturbed as he uses Voltas All Star Inverter AC which gives steady cooling and steady savings gifting its users “Chain Ki Neend”.

The second video showcases our unwanted atithi, enjoying watching television in Murthy’s house by keeping the AC on 24*7. However, Murthy is not perturbed about it & outwits him since he has Voltas All Star Inverter AC which gives steady cooling & steady savings gifting its users “Chain Ki Neend”.

Murthy & Unwanted Atithi illustrates a typical Indian house to the tee which helps in striking a chord with the viewers. The campaign is concise and engaging, managing to create a brand recall through the strong storyline and humble narrative. An apt combination of a well chalked out storyline, realistic characters, and grounded brand tonality - Murthy & Unwanted Atithi manage to create a mark.

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