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Agency Feature - Meraki

Who are we?


We are a boutique design & digital agency with focus on ROI centric approach through the art of storytelling.

We turn possibilities into realities using our powerful knowledge of digital, sensibilities of business management and the passion to help clients reach the next level!

We craft communication that fosters engagement and brand recall. With our end-to-end digital and design solutions with clearly defined objectives, we ensure that anyone who associates with us sees a tangible difference to their business and grows.

For us, it is always the brand first.


What's in the name?

The truth.

Meraki is a greek word which means people who work with a lot of love, passion and soul. And it is true. We leave a part of us in each work we do, which not only makes us unique but sensitive to our client’s expectations, ensuring that whatever we suggest promises to bring desired results.

What we do?


  1. Branding
  2. Packaging
  3. Marketing Collateral

Digital Marketing:

  1. Website & App Design and Development
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Influencer Management

Why we do it?

Because DO what you LOVE!

However, the industry is working on very clichéd ways of digital media and we wanted to change that. Be it a startup or a big brand, we ensure that our ideas are unique and executable. A lot looks good on the pitch but at the ground level it is simply a disaster to execute and show results – this is exactly what we want to change. We share ideas that are executable and make a difference.

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How we evolve?

By staying inspired with anything and everything. We are constantly hunting of new ways, follow trends and incorporate ideas that challenge norms to ensure that everything we do makes a difference.

Social responsibility in social media

We ensure that all strategies and campaigns are planned in a manner that follow standards of ethics and credibility. It is crucial for both brand and agencies to understand, that the biggest social responsibility is being transparent – which should not get lost in the madness of social media.

Need of the hour

The foremost is the concern of privacy, which needs to be addressed better.

The other issue is definitely the whole culture of ‘bots’ and ‘fake engagement/followers’ on Social Media along with plagiarism of ideas. And the last that we struggle most with is, good talent. These days everyone wants to join the industry because they are too active on their own social media – it doesn’t work like that unfortunately.

We learned the hard way

Everyday is a new learning!

  • However, being flexible and being proactive is something that will take you a LONG way in this industry.
  • Work with a collaborative mindset, which should be communicated to the client as well.

Did we just share that?

We had this client approach us to plan a digital strategy for his restaurant in return for free food once a month.

Industry as we foresee

It’s time to humanize your brands. Build the ‘real connect’.

A day without Internet

CHAOS! However, honestly when WhatsApp went down couple of months ago for 30 mins – we had a mini party at office.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Always on lookout for the right minds. We are currently hiring a content strategist!

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