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Pink Lemonade

Who are we?

Pink Lemonade began as a small agency in 2011 with a handful of employees. Under the able leadership of Founder-CEO, Tina Garg, the company has grown at a fast pace since its inception. Within five years, Pink Lemonade’s portfolio included a staggering 500+brands across more than 10 industries. With over 150 years of collective team experience and 100+ internal employee engagement initiatives, Pink Lemonade has carved a niche for itself in the industry today.

Specializing in visual and written communication across various spectrums, Pink Lemonade is known for its creative strategies, design specialization, branding, video production, and digital expertise. Offering end-to-end solutions, Pink Lemonade’s repertoire boasts corporate identity creation, marketing collateral, social media support, content, brand activation, exhibitions, internal communications, in-house design and web support, videos, and presentations.

With a portfolio which includes MNCs and SMEs, Pink Lemonade has made a mark for itself in the industry. Clients such as Tata Coffee, Microsoft, Allstate, Mahindra Aerospace, GE Healthcare, Wipro, Capillary Technologies, and many more rely on Pink Lemonade for business excellence.


Tina: CEO

Jasminder Maolankar: Head of Copy

Nidhi Srikanth: Head of Design

Roshnee Nilkon: Head of Client Servicing

Jayakumar Attoor: Head of Digital and Tech


What's in the name?

As far as the name is concerned, we wanted something that reflects what we do. And we bring freshness to communication. We believe every brand communication must be packed with punch. It’s an agency’s job to think of about the extra something for any brand – a twist of creativity and originality – the difference every brand needs: hence the name, Pink Lemonade.

What we do?

We are a full-service agency helping clients from various sectors with strategic branding, creative, digital, videos, and experience design.

Why we do it?

Post a career in creative and corporate communication, Tina decided to start out on her own in 2011. Soon, it was time to get a dedicated team on-board to work to deliver with passion and commitment. Despite recession, clients were pouring in and that’s a sure sign of good work delivered. And if you’re riding the crest, why stop?

Each year, we grew our skills and learn something new so we could offer the services to clients. So, web services and video production was started. Soon we had gone digital and had also forayed into experience design. All this was teaching our people some great stuff and giving our teams the opportunity to challenge themselves and break norms.

Today, we are one of the only teams to offer videos, web, content, digital, creative capabilities altogether.

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How we evolve?

Pink Lemonade is one of the few and niche agencies to bridge the creative and digital divide. Starting off as a creative agency, we have quickly started offering web technologies, experience design, and Martech capabilities to give clients what a new world of marketing needs. Over the last two years, we have concentrated on digital technologies - going beyond what other agencies offer in the garb of “digital”. We are one of the fastest growing agencies in a period of 7 years. Our size has grown from 2 people to 110 today and the turnover has grown 46 times. Very few agencies have achieved this growth and scale in such a short time.

Our unique offerings and business concept over the next few years will be efficient handling of a Martech stack for clients to enable them to truly take their marketing communications to the globe in a truly digital and cost-efficient way. In many cases either an agency is entirely tech or entirely creative. But given the advantage of technology and creative backing in the founders of the agency, we are able to connect the dots in both areas and this is going to be a unique offering from Pink Lemonade.

We were also honored chosen as one of the top 50 brands in Bangalore, by Paul Writer’s

Social responsibility in social media

Our social responsibility is seen various forms internally and externally.

We are entirely transparent in the way express on social media. Our opportunities for returning mothers and women, are freely advertised and we invite nominations for jobs and training sessions from the same. Further, being an agency, we are cognizant of the role of social media in social messaging. For our own campaigns on events like Father’s Day and Independence Day, we brought out some strong films that spoke for recognizing the role that fathers play and a united country, respectively.

Additionally, Pink Lemonade also supports online and offline initiatives via social media. Last week, we worked to get 4 children back to school by crowd-funding internally and from the external world. This to us is the most responsible use of social media. Last year, the people of Pink Lemonade volunteered work time to cook meals for the residents of some of the slums near our office. And in the year before that, when Chennai was flooded, the team came together to help a flood victim - who was the aunt of one of our colleagues.

Learning of such initiatives via social media and using our networks for a good cause is a strong sentiment at an agency like Pink Lemonade.

Need of the hour

The digital environment in India is evolving. It started with full zest and the vulnerabilities are now becoming obvious. Plenty of data are available on the social media and now, it has come to the fore that these have been shared unknown to us. Brands host social media pages by incurring heavy costs attached to it and it pains to see other brand troll these pages. Since social media is spread across the world, there were no strict regulations at the initial stages. Now, with the facebook data breach, people are waking up to the need for strict regulations on social media.

As a user, we need to understand these perils and be prudent in what we share on social media. A lot of tools have been developed to block ads on your website which can be used to prevent trespassers on your website. A conscious use of these tools will protect your website.

The need of the hour is also for the new graduates to adopt digital marketing in a holistic way. They need to move away from just social media and learn how to engage an audience on behalf of a brand - B2B or B2C. Too much has happened too soon, which has made everyone believe that they are a digital marketer.

We learned the hard way

Finding the right talent was a concern in the early days. We overcame it by opening our doors to people with the right attitude even if the aptitude was not 100%. It has been one of the most remarkable solutions that worked for us. Our diversity ratio was fantastic - 85% women. We had people coming from finance, marketing, engineering backgrounds. They had fire in their belly and a will to prove they could do it. And it really helped us build a sound team.

Grooming talent to bring out the best in them is another important learning. We train people in their respective fields to hone their skills and upgrade their capabilities. A lot of resources get spent on this but the key is to ensure your people are happy. At Pink Lemonade we do a number of things for our people - from spa treatments, to in-house massage to Friday snacks to Pink Holiday, Pool Days and hobby classes. The idea is to combine learning and fun so everyone feels there is a work-life balance. Else any firm is likely to see attrition.

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Did we just share that?     

Women form a majority of the workforce at Pink Lemonade when it comes to client servicing. There have been cases where clients are explaining manufacturing technology to us, using examples such as microwaves and washing machines. But we aren’t offended by this, only amused by it!

The creative field leaves you with such amusing incidents everyday. In fact, we at Pink Lemonade are writing a book on it :)

They work with us

  • Lenovo
  • Schneider Electric
  • Tata Global Beverages
  • Mahindra Aerospace
  • Capillary Technologies
  • Jockey
  • Transteel
  • Aricent Technologies
  • 3M
  • PWC
  • Maxlife
  • Wipro
  • Live Love Laugh Foundation

Industry as we foresee

India is one of the top most users of social media after China and the US. The users’ base has been growing at an average of 13% since 2015. It is expected to touch 370 million by 2022 (as per, a third of the total world user base.

Importance of digital marketing has grown in the recent years and social media platform is now a significant part of a brand’s marketing media pie. The above numbers also attract more and more advertisers to digital media to promote their brands. The ease in connecting to large numbers has also pushed the advertisers towards digital. It is a matter of time before every brand learns to interact and engage online customers interestingly. And more so - imperative for agencies to go down this journey.

A day without Internet

A day without internet works as blessing as well as a bane.

It is a blessing when we do not wish to be hit by texts and emails all day. It would be ideal to sit with a book or play board games with family. Or, it could just mean to go out for a stroll and catch some fresh air.

If, on the other hand, there is some amount of pending work, then it bears down on us, as we are answerable to our clients. We are heavily dependent on internet and any downtime affects project deadlines.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring!

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