Bira 91’s Instagram Stories contest lets fans showcase their creativity

Bira 91, a revolutionary ‘craft’ new beer brand from New Delhi that has swiftly gained prominence in the Indian market, recently introduced a creative Instagram Stories contest, #MakePlay.

A highly popular brand among the metropolitan youth in the country, Bira 91 is very active on Instagram and found an interesting opportunity to engage their audience and encourage participation in #MakePlay Instagram Stories contest.

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Instagram Stories contest

The brand rolled out an opportunity for Bira 91 fans to showcase their creativity and augment their brand recall with the help of their brand mascot.

Bira 91’s Instagram Stories contest required participants to colour the brand mascot in the most creative way possible and share it with the brand for a chance to win cool Bira 91 merchandize.

Instagram Stories contest

By taking a screenshot of the blank template of the Bira 91 mascot, participants could then colour the mascot any way they liked and send in the entries to the brand by uploading their entry as an Instagram post and tagging Bira 91.

Instagram Stories contest

The brand received over 100 entries for the #MakePlay Instagram Stories contest and made up for an exciting and interactive contest on the ephemeral photosharing service.

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