Rooh Afza's Ghulke Jiyo preaches a message of unity and togetherness

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Ghulke Jiyo

Hamdard India, the company behind the iconic Rooh Afza brand, recently rolled out their latest digital campaign, Ghulke Jiyo with a fresh new spot that preaches a message of togetherness.

Rooh Afza has been one of the most popular squash products in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and has been a part of households in these countries for more than a century. With GhulkeJiyo, the brand forges a strong connect between their product and the idea of unity, attempting to portray how things are much better enjoyed ‘together’, much like Rooh Afza mixed together with water or milk.

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The minute and 30-second long spot begins with a caucasian man enduring the Indian summer, staring at an empty bottle of water as he’s perched upon a bench with an elderly Indian man. The Indian man shares a refreshing helping of Rooh Afza with the tourist, who can’t help but smile after a sip of Rooh Afza.

In the background, a customized rendition of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahan’ incorporated with the campaign message for Rooh Afza’s Ghulke Jiyo is sung by an unknown singer.

The film continues to depict a series of situations that have been made better with the spirit of togetherness such as a pregnant woman quietly rummaging through the kitchen for a midnight snack, helped out by her mother-in-law who helps her alleviate the midnight cravings with a dollop of cream on a slice of bread, drizzled with Rooh Afza.

More scenarios such as young children clashing over a game of football, but ultimately bonding over a glass of cool milk and Rooh Afza, a young college student who shares a cup of ice-cream with another wheelchair-bound student at a college party, and more are featured in the campaign film.

Ghulke Jiyo was rolled out on YouTube on April 26, 2018 and has garnered over 115K Views, and was rolled out on Twitter on May 3, 2018 where it has racked up 3.3K Views.

On Facebook, Ghulke Jiyo was launched on Facebook on 27th April and has since racked up 120K Views and 2.8K Reactions.

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