Case Study: Creating social media buzz around a real estate brand!

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Joyful Homecomings

Brand Introduction

Mahindra Lifespaces is the real estate and infrastructure development arm of the Mahindra Group, and pride themselves on being one of India’s first green home developers.




Pivoted around Mahindra Lifespaces’ aspirational home-buying experience, spanning the complete customer journey to owning a home which is a thoroughly joyful experience. Through this insight, Joyful Homecomings, a fun proposition was positioned before the audience through a social media contest.

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Participants had to answer how they would spread joy with just INR 1 for a chance to own their own home at just INR 1, making it an interesting and creative social media contest that delivered a huge number of entries.

Problem Statement/Objective

To cultivate a circle of influence online was one of the core objectives for the brand.

Additionally, presenting this idea on the digital spectrum to enable participation and generate a high amount of engagement but also turning it into a meaningful, long-term impact for Mahindra Lifespaces by associating the brand with the idea of ‘joy’ into people’s minds.


For Joyful Homecomings, Facebook and Twitter were picked as platforms of choice. The campaign was rolled out with the help of a vox pop video that helped communicate the campaign idea, and develop a sense of curiosity among the social media audience.

The video featured numerous people being asked one simple question, “How will you spread joy with INR 1?” establishing how amusing yet challenging the situation was to name something that brings joy at the cost of INR 1.

Towards the end of the video, Mahindra Lifespaces announced the Joyful Homecomings social media contest, urging the viewers to participate in order to win a chance to own their own home for just INR 1.

The end of the video explained the participation process to the audience in order to eliminate confusion and ensure maximum participation through a simplified process.

Joyful Homecomings

Mahindra Lifespaces carried out reminder posts to sustain audience interest and participation in the Joyful Homecomings campaign twice a week.

Joyful Homecomings

Easy participation and the tagging activity delivered a high amount of social media engagement and participation in the contest.

Joyful Homecomings

The Joyful Homecomings contest was live for 30 days.

Joyful Homecomings


The launch vox pop video for the campaign received over 1 million views across Facebook and Twitter, with the total number of Impressions across both platforms reached 61M.

Total engagement across all social platforms (Facebook & Twitter) was over 1.4 lakhs.

Over the course of the campaign duration, the Mahindra Lifespaces page received 6,490 comments as entries.

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