Coca-Cola’s World Cup ad for Iceland is directed by their Goalkeeper!

World Cup ad

The FIFA World Cup is the flavour of the month, and the darling underdogs, Iceland have conjured an unprecedented amount of inspiration and admiration that Coca-Cola’s World Cup ad ended up being directed by the Iceland Football Team goalkeeper.

It all began with a beautiful dream during the Euro 2016 tournament, which saw the Icelandic team gain the respect of football fans all over the world with a team full of hardworking athletes who in their regular lives, held vastly diverse jobs. The director of Coca-Cola’s World Cup ad, Hannes Thor Halldórsson is the goalkeeper when he plays for Iceland but doubles up as a filmmaker in his day-to-day life.

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It isn’t just Hannes from the sparsely populated Scandinavian country who holds a separate job in addition to their careers as footballers, not excluding their coach who happens to be a practising dentist.

Enough context that highlights why this World Cup ad is special, so let’s speak of the elegantly shot campaign film.

Titled ‘Together’, the spot begins with some wonderful glimpses of Iceland, alternated with shots of the football team’s players, including captain Aron Gunnarson. Various objects and activities in the background produce sounds that mirror the famous Viking Thunderclap as a nation prepares to dream together.

A truck driver watches a Coca-Cola truck pass by; Hannes Thor Halldórsson watches little children in the national colours, rushing towards a stadium to watch their team play; a fisherman navigates his way back home and numerous scenarios depicting every aspect in the life of an Icelandic citizen, leading up to their maiden appearance in the most prestigious footballing tournament in the world.

Goosebumps ensue, and this World Cup ad cannot be further explained. Watch the campaign film below and tell us what you think of Coca-Cola’s decision to entrust the director’s chair to Hannes Thor Halldórsson.

The campaign film, launched on June 12 has already racked up 1,305,711 views on YouTube.

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