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Facebook ads ban

Facebook introduced a new feature in the core app to ban ads that are mis-leading, in poor taste, or don't fulfill the commitments made in the ad. This new feature will enable users to give feedback and lodge complaints about the advertisers and retailers and their  services through Facebook Ad Activity tab.

Facebook announced a new feature in their core app to facilitate consumers online by putting an end to inaccurate and misleading ads.

This move by the social networking platform came after it got in touch with some consumers over their complaints and pestering about the ads disturbing their online activity. It was found that consumers were annoyed at the inaccurate pricing and the delayed shipping. Additionally, users complained about poor communication and return policies too.

In an official statement released on Tuesday, Facebook said, "It would ban businesses that receive enough customer complaints from advertising. The company is pitching the move as effort to improve customer service through its core Facebook app."

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To find the tool, go to your Ads Activity tab. There you can view ads you’ve recently clicked, and hit the “Leave Feedback” button. This will prompt you to complete a brief questionnaire to tell us about your experience. We’ll use this tool to get feedback from the community to help better understand potentially low quality goods or services

“Bad shopping experiences aren’t good for anyone,” Facebook said in an online post. “When items take a long time to arrive or don’t meet your expectations, it can cost you time and money. And if these things happen after purchasing something from a business’ ad on Facebook, it can sour your overall impression of Facebook.”

Facebook will share feedback directly with businesses that receive high volumes of negative feedback and give them a chance to improve before taking further action. Further, the social media platform will give them guidance on how to improve customer satisfaction and better meet customer expectations. This could mean setting clear expectations about shipping speed upfront or providing more transparency about return policies. Repeat offenders will be initiated to customer-feedback guidelines, failing to which they will be banned permanently.

"We believe this tool will give people more confidence in the businesses they interact with and help hold businesses accountable for customer experiences they provide," Facebook ads.

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