Soon you might be asked to pay for joining Facebook groups

Sneha Yadav
New Update

Facebook, as announced via its blog post today,  is conducting a pilot program for Facebook subscription groups with a small number of groups in order to let the group administration earn a few monies.

Citing the reason for introducing such a feature, Facebook stated that group admins build safe and supportive communities that people come back to every day. "We know that admins invest their time and energy to maintain their groups, and some have told us that they would like tools to help them continue to invest in their community and offer more to members," the blog post said.

The posts further added, “We hear from group admins that they’re looking for ways to help them earn money to deepen engagement with their members and continue to support their communities. Many admins do this today by creating an additional subscribers-only group that sits alongside their existing group, and rely on additional tools to track and collect payments. Subscription groups were created to make it easier for admins to provide these experiences with built-in tools, and to save them time so they can focus on offering members-only content. For members, they’re now able to sign-up and manage their subscription through the Facebook app for iOS and Android.”

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According to various reports, cooking, home care programs and parenting groups will  be the one who will be the first ones to  access the subscription program.

This subscription groups pilot is testing with a small number of groups across a range of interests who will share input and feedback along the way. They include Grown and Flown Parents: College Admissions and Affordability, a dedicated college preparation group with access to college counselors to help prepare parents of high schoolers for the college application process; and Meal Planning Central Premium, a meal preparation group that includes weekly meal plans, shopping lists by preferred grocery store, and more.

Though the feature is yet been tested, are users ready to pay for joining these groups? Will this act of Facebook make it lose its audiences or will provide more exclusivity.

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