LinkedIn attempts to improve content discovery with follow hashtag options

LinkedIn hashtags

In a major development, LinkedIn announced an update for its news feed section where users will be able to navigate content on the platform according to their interest by following different LinkedIn hashtags.

Next time you log into your Linkedin account, the platform will ask you to type your searchable hashtag or will, be asked to choose from options provided. Based on the LinkedIn hashtags, relatable  content will appear on the top of your news feed, thereby taking the professional networking customization to another level.

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As mentioned in’s blog, at the start you will be presented with a list of hashtags you are already following, and you will be given the option to review and unfollow those that are no longer relevant to you. After that, LinkedIn will suggest many (maybe too many) hashtags for you to choose from. These will fall into categories:

  1. Related to your interests
  2. Based on your recent activity
  3. People in your community are interested in
  4. People in your community follow
  5. Popular in your country
  6. Popular with people skilled in one or more of the skills you have

The Microsoft owned company boasts of 500 million users out of which 252 million are monthly active users. With an aim to become more user friendly, Linkedin has been constantly updating its features.