McDonald’s FIFA World Cup ad ‘We’re With You’ reassures football fans

FIFA World Cup ad

McDonald’s latest FIFA World Cup ad is letting all the football fanatics over the world, with their eyes glued to the Television screen know, that no matter what, McDonald’s is there for you.

Binging on fast-food and drinks is a huge part of just about any football night, whether it’s at a local bar, work, or within the comfort of your home, and during the FIFA World Cup, an event that presents itself once every four years, not to mention the matter of national pride at stake, trips to the bathroom are sometimes avoided, and trips to the kitchen are literally out of the question. That is the chief source of inspiration for McDonald’s FIFA World Cup ad.

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Titled, We’re With You, McDonald’s showcases a diverse montage of scenarios from countries ranging from Brazil to Sweden, Russia to Iran, as the world prepares to watch 90 minutes of action unfold right before their eyes.

Flags are unfurled, token trophies are polished, friends arrive, TV sets are tuned and chair are put out but the preparation is incomplete before food arrives, and it arrives in a brown paper bag adorned by the famous Golden Arches.

The ad depicts that whether it’s fans hurrying to get their hands on takeout at the Drive-Thru, an adorable father-son duo swiftly catching up on their meal inside a McDonald’s outlet right before the match, a World Cup night at a friend’s place, or a pulling a late one with your colleagues at work, McDonald’s is a part of every World Cup night.

While most brands go all out to make their FIFA World Cup ads as grand as possible, McDonald’s makes things simple and relatable, although it appears as if the people who do not have time to step into the kitchen are also not watching campaign films.

Rolled out on June 13, 2018, McDonald’s We’re With You spot has generated a meagre 9.5K views within the span of 8 days.