Nicotex leveraged influencers to drive home an important message

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Jun 27, 2018 02:53 IST
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Nicotex wanted to create awareness amongst the smoking community to take the first step of quitting to smoke by reducing their Cigarette intake one by one. The campaign was designed keeping in mind that cigarette intake can be lowered down with a strong will power and consuming the right supplements.


The objective of the campaign was to ignite a wave of inspirational conversation amongst the community to reduce their intake of cigarettes one by one and eventually lead a healthier life.


For the execution Buzzoka was hired to design a campaign in sync to the brand message and amplify the over all thought. Buzzoka on-boarded 15 top influencers to shoulder the campaign. The influencers included Ranveer Allahbadia, Sanjay Bafna, Actor Sahil Anand, Ravi Kapoor, Shalini Chopra, Stylish By Nature amongst others.  The influencers came out with their video appeal of cutting down one cigarette everyday with an anecdotal story of their friend and family.


15 influencers ignited a wave of conversation and the activity became a trending topic with over 15,000 conversations organically chipping in. Even the brands like I-ball and Go Air jumped into the conversation saluting the initiative. Tweeps started sharing their video stories and pla-cards to quit smoking.

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The total reach of the campaign was recorded at 15 Million with over 150 Million impressions.

Anshul Mishra, Category Director, Cipla Health Ltd. said, “As a team of well-wishers, we aim to help smokers take that first step towards quitting/reducing the habit. Through our #EkCigaretteKam campaign, we wish to tell smokers that we understand that quitting smoking is a difficult journey, but even taking small steps and reducing one cigarette at a time can help them go a long way in that journey. It is a gradual process and therefore we wish to be their partner in this journey as a trusted advisor and a friend.”

Sanket Varadharajan, Partner - Digital, DDB Mudra Max said, “Identifying smokers with an intention to quit and then guiding them through the process is a challenge definitely. For this campaign, we wanted to facilitate conversations between friends and individuals and set examples of users who took on this difficult journey. It was a humbling experience to see so many people coming out and sharing their stories; showcasing the power of aligning ourselves with people who share our brand values and thoughts.”

Ashutosh Harbola, CEO, Buzzoka - #EkCigaretteKam was a real test of our skills as we had to do some magic with just 15 influencers. We chose the shoulders very carefully keeping in mind reach, authenticity and engagement of the influencers. Also, the anthem was of supreme importance, so we guided some influencers to natively upload the anthem and ignite their audience to engage with it. I would like to thank the team at CIpla and DDB Mudra for trusting us as a preferred partner.

“The anthem was aimed at enabling smokers to continue their quitting journey by taking small steps like reducing #Ekcigarettekam. Maintaining a friendly tone and manner, our media objective was to build conversations around this insight and maximize engagement amongst the smoker population."

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