Case Study: How Bosch leveraged branded content to popularize dishwashers in India

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No More Dish Stress

Category Introduction

Dishwashers are a relatively novel offering in the Indian market. According to an internal study by Bosch, we estimated that in 2017, the Dishwasher category was around 40 – 45K and today, the market is witnessing steady growth at the rate of 15 –20%.

Brand Introduction

Bosch Home Appliances is Europe’s largest home appliances brand renowned for their superior quality and German engineering. Bosch’s portfolio spans across categories such as laundry, cooling, dishcare, cooking and so on.

Pioneering the dishwasher’s category in India, Bosch introduced India specific dishwashers keeping in mind the oil-heavy Indian cooking style and diet, and also the Indian consumers’ outlook towards dishwashes as compared to consumers’ from the West, where dishwashers are a common part of the kitchen.


A prominent manufacturer of home appliances in Europe, Bosch had to dispel the notion of indifference towards dishwashers among the Indian audience, communicating the benefits of the product.

The brand collaborated with Indian content creator channel, Girliyapa for their No More Dish Stress campaign, depicting the real-life struggles faced by a young couple with regards to household chores through humour.

For the No More Dish Stress campaign, Bosch and Girliyapa created an all new web-series titled ‘Mr & Mrs’ which spanned a duration of three months, helping the brand reach their audience, and chipping away the novelty associated with dishwashers in the minds of the Indian consumers, as well as communicating the benefits of the product.

The brand induced conversations around the subject by employing a native approach among their target group through their association with Bosch, broadcasting the message that - ‘it is easy to be stress free with Bosch dishwashers’

Problem Statement/Objective

Washing away the myths and predisposed notions around dishwashers as a product, and transforming the consumers’ attitude towards the appliance was the primary objective of Bosch’s No More Dish Stress campaign.

Since dishwashers are a niche product, and a relatively new offering in India, disseminating the brand message to the audience via relatable, fun and consumable content was the means to solve the problem statement and achieve the campaign objective.


  1. Create awareness and Drive talk-ability around No More Dish Stress

2. Educate & bust myths around dishwashers

        A. Oily, greasy utensils can be washed

        B. Variety of utensils like pressure cooker, kadhai, plastic, glassware, melamine and so on can be washed

        C. No pre-rinsing of dishes required

        D. Easy to use

Creative Idea

The insight for No More Dish Stress was that Bosch Dishwashers are the solution to unexpected chores that potentially dampen the spirit such as after a party, or a family get-together where the dishes and dirty utensils pile up in the sink. Bosch dishwashers come to the rescue during moments like these so that the people have No More Dish Stress.


  1. Dishwashers are a completely new offering in India, causing a lot of barriers to purchase.
  2. TV Commercials and cluttered ad slots would end up confusing audiences, who have a limited attention span towards commercials
  3. A 30 seconder TVC would not bust myths and misconceptions such as ‘a dishwasher is complicated to use and so on.’
  4. To reach the potential consumers – Working urban class


Bosch Home India collaborated with content creators, Girliyapa for the No More Dish Stress campaign, creating a three-part web series titled Mr&Mrs, which helped the brand disseminate their campaign message through humour and snackable content.


Considering the niche category of appliances that dishwashers belong to, Bosch Home India selected the digital medium as their mode of communication with their target audience. Television ads are often too short, and viewed as obstructive by the audience, and hence would be unable to achieve the brand’s campaign objective of changing the perceptions surrounding dishwashers as an easy-to-use and Indian kitchen friendly appliance.


Social Media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat were chosen by the brand to amplify the No More Dish Stress campaign.

With Girliyapa, the brand rolled out the three-episode webseries in January with the first episode being launched on January 13th, following which the next episodes were rolled out on February 13th and March 10th, 2018.

The Girliyapa channel is an immensely popular hub for youth-oriented content with more than 1.5M subscribers on YouTube.

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No More Dish Stress was further amplified by repurposing the content from the webseries Mr&Mrs to create relatable memes and humorous content on social media platforms through Girliyapa and Bosch Home India’s social media assets.

The brand’s association with Girliyapa also helped them reach out to the digital savvy audience on Instagram with as many as 63 total posts being made under the #NoMoreDishStress hashtag on the popular photosharing platform. These posts were made by Bosch Home India and Girliyapa’s accounts during the entire duration of the campaign.

While Girliyapa helped the brand communicate the benefits of a dishwasher and raised awareness around the campaign through humorous content and engagement activities, Bosch Home India employed a more straightforward approach by communicating the benefits of dishwashers through their Instagram account.

Bosch Home India also collaborated with some popular content portals such as ELLE India and others to augment their reach on the digital spectrum

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Similar promotional posts were carried out by Bosch Home India through their official Facebook page,



  • The video webseries created in collaboration with Girliyapa for the No More Dish Stress campaign received more than 14M video views, garnering a Reach of over 29M and over 1.7M Engagements.
  • Through this web series, Bosch Home India dishwashers earned media worth INR 17.4 million to INR 22.7 million.
  • The three episodes of Mr. and Mrs trended on YouTube with the final episode trending on #4.
  • Twitter influencer activity reach – 5.8 million and 1000+ entries initiating good engagement with consumers
  • 87% increase in the number of visits 
  • Average search volume for\ ‘Bosch Dishwasher’ went up by 212% during campaign period.


The brand managed to receive a lot of organic conversation across platforms and good audience retention as well.

#NoMoreDishStress campaign engaged women between the age group 25 – 34, primarily in metros and major cities, which was the core target audience for the brand, thus successfully reaching their intended demographic.

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