Pinterest Promoted Video to get a more prominent space on the timeline

Pinterest Promoted Video

Social media platforms have taken note of the dramatic rise of Video, and Pinterest isn’t about to be left far behind. The platform is leaning towards featuring sponsored video more prominently on their feed to make Pinterest Promoted Video much more effective.

A prominent space for advertisers is a highly valuable proposition considering Pinterest’s Feed on Mobile features two thumbnails horizontally, and a space for sponsored video content to take up the entire width of the screen is a tantalizing opportunity for marketers. Pinterest Promoted Video is a means to reach a completely diverse as compared to other social media platforms.

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To facilitate the incorporation of the new update, Pinterest has hired entertainment strategist Tina Pukonen, and industry sales lead Mike Chuthakieo. The company claims that users are 2.6times more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video, and coupling that with prime Pinterest Feed real estate makes things exciting.

“The format is easy to spot; it spans wider than our standard format in feeds and in search on mobile, so people can sit back and watch your story.” says Pinterest in a blog post.

Pinterest also claims that  67% of their users are interested in videos as compared to a 32% for other platforms.

The new Pinterest Promoted Video update will be tested with brands such adidas, Kohl’s, American Express, Tropicana, Chevrolet, P&G, and Paramount Pictures this summer, and will be available in 16:0 and 1:1 aspect ratios.