Shoppers Stop attempts to revolutionize work culture with ‘Denim To Work’

Shoppers Stop campaign

Social Samosa takes a look at the latest Shoppers Stop campaign -taking a walk through the insight, creative idea and fine details of the initiative

Retail major Shoppers Stop recently rolled out a digital campaign titled ‘Denim To Work’, an initiative encouraging working professionals to include denims in their work wear wardrobes. The campaign is targeted at young CEOs and leaders across industries, a generation that believes in rewriting the rules of the game.

With new-age companies and start-ups relaxing the norms along with introduction of Friday dressing and casual dressing to work, denims are increasingly becoming an acceptable dress code at work.

Campaign Insight

Today, denim is considered a multipurpose fabric, being used as every day wear. With growing awareness and increasing affinity towards denims across age groups, Shoppers Stop believes there is a huge untapped market for denim segment in the apparel industry. Organised retail sector, young population, online penetration of denims, growing popularity of engineered/ distressed denim, varied fabric washes and changing classification of consumer’s wardrobe are some of the key growth drivers which will further fuel the growth of this segment.

Further, with corporates, redefining the rules, the dress code is considered as a freedom of expression for the young professionals.

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Campaign Brief

#DenimToWork was a result of common brainstorming sessions between the agency and the brand. The brief revolved around how to reposition denim from its current wardrobe choices and give it a role at the workspace. Demin to work is beyond a campaign, it is a shift in attitude.

Idea behind #RIPtheDesignations

In line with Shoppers Stop’s brand philosophy ‘Start Something New’, the idea behind #RIPtheDesignations mainly aims to break down the rules laid by rigid corporate culture. It features young employees at various levels of hierarchy and how they #RIPtheDesignations to stand out in the system with their own attitude and style.

The digital film has been produced and directed by Mirum and the ad creatives have been created by Shoppers Stop’s ad agency Contract Advertising.


The film inspires young professionals to flaunt their own sense of style and exude confidence at the work place with denims as a part of their work wear wardrobe.

Rajiv Suri, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Shoppers Stop Ltd said, “#DenimToWork is a category campaign which has been rolled across multimedia platforms with print, radio, in store, outdoor and a digital film. The campaign aims to target working professionals and to curate and showcase their looks from Monday to Friday. The film is created to engage with our fans online across channels in a format which is consumed by the audience on digital platforms.”

He added, “Ubiquity of digital landscape and proliferation of smart phones, tablets and 4G connection has made it imperative for the brands to keep up with the evolving audience. Digital campaigns not only yields measureable results but also offers an insight about the consumer sentiments. ”

Social Media buzz

While the brand took a 360 degree approach to market the thought of ‘Denim To Work’, it was the activation on social media which drove conversations around the campaign. The hashtag #RIPtheDesignations garnered 638,021impressions while #DenimToWork had 638,021, according to

On Facebook and Twitter Shoppers Stop also tried engaging the netizens by introducing a contest namely #MyDenimStory wherein the participants have to tall how did they slay their denim work wear.

Creative thoughtprocess

“It was a marketing problem that was given a creative solution. The campaign idea was a result of brainstorming sessions between the agency and client as we wanted to expand the role of the humble denim in wardrobe choices,” states Naila Patel, Executive Creative Director, Mirum India. “Although some organisations do not frown upon denim as office wear, it is not the first choice for someone shopping for a formal wardrobe. And that was the behavioural change we wanted to bring about.”

Conceptualisation and Execution

Once the agency froze upon #DenimToWork as the positioning, the creative cut on that was #RIPDesignations. It carefully went about crafting a script that showcased a tribe of successful, confident and brilliant individuals who are beyond clichés. In work and work wear. From a foosball table to a green office, each scene was conceptualised and executed keeping in mind the cues it needed to give and the communications goals it had to fulfil.

Expert Review:

Jahan Vandrevala, Creative Director, iProspect India:

“While the campaign tries to be bold in addressing the young leaders, I don’t think wearing denim to work is a new fashion trend. To a certain extent, denim has been an integral part of our work culture. The film may work in bridging the two – denim and Shoppers Stop but isn’t thought-provoking. In this category, an ideal example that comes to my mind is of Levi’s ‘Ready To Work’ campaign which captures the sentiment in an interesting manner.”

Shoppers Stop Journey

Being an offline legacy, it would not be wrong to say that Shoppers Stop stood the test of time and now slowly but steadily making its presence felt in the digital world. Off late the brand has been launching many seasonal and occasional digital campaigns apart from offering various discounts in it’s brick-and-motor stores.

We could not help but ask Mr.Suri that from ‘The Ultimate Shopping Experience’ to ‘Shopping and Beyond’ to now ‘Start Something New’, how has the journey been, to which he elucidated, “Since its inception, Shoppers Stop has revolutionized the way India shops and has become the highest benchmark for the Indian retail industry. It has over the years, made many breakthroughs in the Indian retail industry enabling it to become one of the most customer-centric, respected and profitable retailers in the country.”