Take a look at McDonald's Singapore's truly delightful Ramadan campaign

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Ramadan 2018 campaign

McDonald’s Singapore preaches the spirit of sharing through the story of Zul, a food delivery rider who diligently delivers others’ meals while fasting, through their Ramadan 2018 campaign film.

Highlighting the plight of food delivery personnel, McDonald’s Singapore’s Ramadan 2018 campaign shows just how difficult, yet incredibly rewarding it is to deliver happiness, and share it with others.

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The film begins with Zul waking up at dawn for Suhoor with his family, the customary pre-fast meal during Ramadan followed by a montage of shots of him delivering happiness to several different homes throughout the day, even stopping to help fellow commuters.

As sunset approaches, and the day is about to end, Zul gears up to make his final delivery, an elderly gentleman who notices it’s time to end the fast and invites Zul to share a meal with him.

Accompanied by a soft background score that blends in perfectly with the video, it compares the essence of working Muslims during Ramadan well and even includes a small bit about a co-worker offering food, forgetting about the fast which makes it relatable for many.

The spot was published on YouTube on May 14th 2018 and has since generated a significant amount of positive reception, and over 536K views.

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