8 brands that benefited from the creaminess of World Milk Day

World Milk Day campaigns

World Milk Day is celebrated each year on June 1. Milk brands making the most of it is one thing, but they are not the only ones in the race! World Milk Day campaigns dominated social media today.

Milk is one of the most versatile drinks one could ask for. Bonus: It’s as healthy as it gets! Be it shakes or flavoured goodness, milk never disappoints. A thing so good deserves a day for itself, no? *drum rolls* Here’s presenting to you, World Milk Day! We searched the world of social media to bring you the best of how brands celebrated the day, today with some World Milk Day campaigns.


Let’s face it. Amul is one of the strongest contenders in any brand war, on any given day. Today too, their social media think tank and illustrators did not disappoint!

#Amul Topical: Amul celebrates #WorldMilkDay

Posted by Amul on Thursday, 31 May 2018

Jindal Stainless

In a sweeping connection difficult to spot at first glance, Jindal Stainless’s #StainlessSteelForMilk is a definite hit. One can only wish to get a seat at the table where this idea was conceived!


If you can celebrate an occasion and do some good on the side, nothing like it, no? It is important for a brand to not be too naggy when asking for a charitable cause and Cowbell seems to have struck the perfect balance.

The Better India

To bring out an educational and informative piece on a trending topic is almost always a good idea. Kudos, The Better India!

Kerala Tourism

No matter the occasion, brand ideology and the product being sold should be looped in the message. This is a golden rule to follow, as demonstrated by Kerala Tourism.

Mother Dairy Ice Creams

In this sweltering heat, how can one forget ice creams! Being grateful and remembering the roots is an essential part of brand connect. The timing too is perfect. Good one, Mother Dairy!

All of us should be grateful to milk for giving us ice creams! #WorldMilkDay

Posted by Mother Dairy Ice Creams on Thursday, 31 May 2018


A little sprinkle of humour goes a long way. Incorporating the meme culture into brand communication is an instant recipe for a viral post. Good one, Foodpanda!


On World Milk Day, it is perhaps important to take a minute and think about the broader repercussions of our actions. Taking a topic and turning it around to increase your chances of being noticed, after all!

Which are your favourite World Milk Day campaigns? Let us know in the comments below or write to us on team@socialsamosa.com.