YouTube Ad Leaderboard: The best IPL Ads in 2018 revealed

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Jun 05, 2018 09:48 IST
best IPL Ads in 2018

Ever since the onset of the Indian Premier League, it has become India’s most celebrated and watched annual sporting tournament, and advertisements play a huge part in it. The most popular and best IPL Ads in 2018 are revealed under the YouTube Ad Leaderboard.

Accompanying the high octane cricketing action and power packed entertainment are some of the most impressive advertisements that manage to make a mark into the minds of viewers across the country. Reaching millions through the highly valuable spots during the tournament, the best IPL Ads in 2018 boast of names such as Amazon’s Chonkpur Cheetahs to Star Sports Best vs Best campaigns.

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The ad campaigns during the IPL season were very contextual and takes audiences along on a journey. Star Sports, the official broadcaster for VIVO IPL 2018, used multiple customized #Bestvsbest creatives encompassing the spirit of IPL, capturing the key stars and all the excitement. Let us have a look at the best IPL Ads in 2018 that India loved to watch!

1. Chonkpur Cheetahs Vs Saaman Ki List - Amazon India

2. Vivo V9 - Bokeh Mode

3. Vodafone FANtastic Breaks Contest - Vodafone India

4. Real Champions Make Real Heroes - Virat OPPO

5. Vivo IPL 2018: It’s Time For #BESTvBEST! Star Sports

These were some of the most loved and best IPL Ads in 2018.

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