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Albatrot Digital

Who are we?

Albatrot is a platform independent creative agency. We are young, and we love to play. We were building around the  thought that marketing needs to be more integrated, more bold, more audacious, and more data-driven. So we  decided to bring it all together under one roof. We are a courageous bunch, and work with clients who share our ethos.   At the core of Albatrot Digital are three marketing natives - Shyam Gursahani, Kushal Mamoowala, and Ritambhara  Sharma - with experience in advertising, design, web development, events and production. The whole nine yards, if  you may.

Albatrot Digital

What's in the name?

Imagine if you would just fly across the globe. You can’t. No human can. What we found was that not many birds can  either. But this one bird, the Albatross could do that. Albatrot is a protmanteau of the words Albatross and Trot. The  albatross circumnavigates the Earth around the equator - twice - every year! Trot on the other hand means to run at a  moderate, measured pace. The idea is to tell brands that we make them reach the world, through steady, measured  steps - helping them fly via integrated solutions that set them apart from the rest of the flock.

What we do?

Our focus today is to develop well rounded campaigns for our clients. To be able to achieve that, we are constantly  building our strengths in a multitude of areas. The list of our services is ever expanding, but so far, we’ve executed  campaigns beginning with brand strategy and identity, and evolving into social media marketing, media buying,  content creation - both written and video, website development, and on-ground engagements.

Today, we have four departments that cater to all of the above services -

Brand Strategy, lead by Shyam Gursahani, work towards building a brands presence - both online and offline, and at  the same time maintaining the growth from an all round perspective.

Brand Identity & Design (Including design for web), lead by Kushal Mamoowala, as the name suggests are the  creative centres of Albatrot - this is where all our great design come from.

Media and Digital, lead by Ritambhara Sharma, are the soul of Albatrot. They manage our brands on social and other  platforms and ensure great, meaningful and relevant content is created across the board.

Content, lead by Kushal and Shyam, conceptualise and produce video and written content for our clients. This  includes animation, shot and edited, or purely edited content.

Why we do it?

Having worked in agencies pigeon-holed as “digital” or “on-ground” for years, one everlasting problem stood out -  integration. Marketing in India has failed to understand and execute truly integrated marketing campaigns that  engage audiences across platforms. We wanted to change that, and that’s how Albatrot came about.

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How we evolve?

The most important thing in our industry is talent. We focus on building a young, hungry and eager team that strives  to do something new, something different, something audacious. This often leads us to new platforms and approaches  where innovation and evolution is key. The marketing landscape in India is still behind global trends, but on the  flip-side, keeping an eye out for what’s happening across the world gives us a good idea of how to toe the line. But  it’s our youth and hunger that keeps that evolving.

Social responsibility in social media

Advertising directs thought, it’s as simple as that. We know this, and so we are very selective with the clients we  work with - ensuring ideologies are in sync before we even put pen to paper. While it is impossible to do this all the  time, we try to integrate a social message with any campaign we conceptualise. Whether it survives the feedback and  revisions all the way down to execution is a whole different story.

Need of the hour

Social media, like any other medium, is about the consumer. It’s important to always remember that. Our primary  focus is to deliver relevant, meaningful, and timely content.   We call it putting the consumer first. As active consumers of social media and other digital channels, we have a  strong understanding of what we would appreciate, or alternatively dislike. Our marketing decisions are made basis  that understanding.   We use data to target the right consumers, but for each brand we build that data from scratch, with the right and  best tools available for use.

Indians online are possibly the most sensitive consumers. There’s always disagreement, often anger and sometimes  even hate driven towards a specific piece of communication or even a brand as a whole. It is our responsibility to  ensure that we challenge mainstream ideologies but without hurting sentiment. Another big problem specific to  marketing is copyrights, royalty, and privacy - we’re an Indian agency but we try our best to maintain international  standards.

We learned the hard way

Our name comes from a bird. Birds make nests. Have you ever seen a bird put together a nest? There are no  shortcuts. Everything from the location to the materials need to be perfect. Especially while setting up.   This is what we would like to share - move slow, do things right, learn from your mistakes, and set the foundation  right.

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Did we just share that?

We had a meeting with a client, at their office, and at one point they received several back-to-back calls from  Pakistan (thank you truecaller). The conversations were a bit suspect, following which we were told “Yes, I know  people that can shut you down tomorrow if you do not deliver on time”. Needless to say, we did not meet with them  again.

They work with us

We work with a range of clients from FMCG, Pharma, and Fashion.   Some of our clients include - Marico Innovation Foundation, Sanofi, Dainik Bhaskar, Fazlani Foods, Smoke House Deli,  International Copper Association India, Saucery, Linen and Linens, Sacred Capital, Raw Nature.

Industry as we foresee

One word. Content. While we wouldn’t recommend comparing your life to curated or created online content, it is what  is the present, and the foreseeable future.   The mode and method of consumption will evolve; augmented reality and virtual reality are here and now, but what  will sell will be great, unique, funny, emotional, dramatic and terrifying, content.

A day without Internet

Our one true holiday.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Always! We’re ever expanding and would love to bring in more talented designers, illustrators, animators, content  writers, producers, web developers and account managers!

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