Amazon Prime Day rides on the power of Interactive Storytelling

Sneha Yadav
Jul 12, 2018 08:35 IST
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Amazon Prime Day Campaign

This 'Prime Day' Amazon India is bringing our favourite characters to life in an edgy cardboard avatar.

A mysterious box-shaped truck arrives at the metro station leaving everyone in surprise. Things get exciting and funny for the audience when avatars of their favourite Prime World characters come out of the box.

It’s no less than a festival for world’s largest e-commerce brand Amazon when it comes to July 16 this year. To pump up the festive vibes, (no it’s not Diwali, but surely a big day), Amazon went a step ahead and got a few world-famous Amazon Prime characters to groove on Shahrukh Khan’s hit number ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ in a metro station.

While the passersby witnessed this amazing and rare occurrence where the characters sprung to life, the brand cleverly made it an equally fun activity for its online audience by brilliantly using 'Youtube Card’ feature to reveal the story behind the story. While the feature of Youtube is old, what matters is a strategic use of it which engages the viewers and hooks them to witness the complete cycle.

The Amazon India's Prime day video on Youtube replays the action happened on the metro station, and right at the moment when the characters pop out of the box, it lets it's viewers choose the action they want these avatars to take making them ponder upon "What happens next"

The options shared are -

  1. Get Grooving
  2. Grab deals and launches
  3. Catch the drama

Enough said and done, the experience of deciding what happens next is a worth hitting the play button of this video.  

Still wondering what so special about #July16?

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