Azar - A female friendly socializing app, beyond the shackles of borders!

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Ever imagine a world without borders - a rich exchange of culture, heritage, passionate friendships, and lots of knowledge sharing! A geographically unattainable dream maybe, but not on the World Wide Web. Enter – Azar, a socializing app that helps citizens of the modern world connect on a truly meaningful level.

The world of Azar!

Azar enables users connect with interesting personalities across both the genders from around 190 countries! With over 200 million downloads Azar boasts of strong headed and open-minded intellectuals looking to interact with like-minded people globally.

A female friendly socializing app, Azar allows you to meet new people with every swipe, connecting you to fellow users through video chats. With a user-friendly UI, users can create conversations that matter and connections that can be cherished through life. The video chats are made more fun and interesting through facial recognition stickers and costume effects.

So, you could be based in India and find the best friend all the way in USA. And do not worry about language barrier for Azar offers translation of chats in real-time. If you click with someone feel free to add them to your friend list and connect on a better level. You can also add your Facebook friends to Azar, keeping the experience fun.

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For a better understanding of how Azar works,

-Download the app

-Sign in from Facebook or Google

-Add fun details to your profile that you wish to share

-Select your preferred gender

-Swipe to meet interesting people and create bonds

Why Azar?

Socializing and dating apps are often prone to superficial conversations that are either borderline bothersome or don’t lead making a friend – a thriving friend who makes you a part of the bigger world.

Further, video chats as a medium also proffer a personal touch and open the opportunity for a candid conversation, absolutely devoid of any colors of bias and premonitions.

Azar manages to go beyond the superficial swiping and ensures deeper connections and user safety. For instance, all personal information shared by you is safeguarded and not to be shared with any third party. Any personal information which the users themselves haven’t added to their profiles cannot be seen by others; also, detailed location of the users isn’t share with anyone.

Also, Azar puts female users in the driving seat but giving them absolute and complete control over how much of their information is available and to whom. The socializing app further ensures that this information isn’t shared with any third party – keeping the process safe and secure.

A spontaneous and fun app, Azar is all about real connections that aren’t bogged down by the burden of borders and is equipped with women safety features. With easy to use features, seamless connectivity, and global approach Azar creates personalized, safe, and genuine experience.

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