Facebook faces backlash for not removing violent content

Facebook violent content

A day after news of Facebook demoting posts deemed to be carrying fake news on its portal instead of directly removing them made rounds, today it has been reported that the social media giant is doing little to even prevent spread of violent content. 

Facebook was alleged of defending fake news posts stating that removing fabricated posts would be “contrary to the basic principles of free speech”. Now it has come to light that even after eruption of several communal clashes, racist comments and posts still exist on the platform further degrading the quality of content. Independent.co.uk reported that a variety of content remains up on the site, even once it is reported – not only hate speech, but videos depicting child abuse, violent content and self-harm, even if the person shown is suspected of being a child.

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A journalist from a British broadcasting company went undercover and served as a Facebook moderator only to find a bulk of extremely violent graphics and visuals that the social media platform failed to remove.

Facebook has been at the receiving end since the Cambridge Analytica scandal and its little efforts to prevent misinformation from spreading through the platform.