Hershey's India combines celebrity influence with original content for Meethe Bahane

Sneha Yadav
Jul 26, 2018 03:47 IST
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As part of a 10 episode series, 'Meethe Bahane with Ranveer Brar' Hersheys India aims to add a delightful twist to home cooked food for children.

Many a times we get bored of consuming a simple plate of ‘Dal-Chawal’ or ‘Roti-Sabzi’ and seek to spend our weekends in a fancy restaurant adoring exotic cuisine on the platter. 

Hershey's Syrup and celebrity chef Ranveer Brar have taken upon themselves to make ‘ghar ka khana’ a go-to for kids with a twist to it with the brand's recent campaign. Brar will help parents turn the very same food into an attractive dish in a seamless manner. The chocolate syrup brand has come up with a  series of 8-10 episodes of the chef turning around recipes released on Hershey India YouTube. One episode is released every Friday.

Genesis behind ‘HERSHEY’s Presents Meethe Bahane with Ranveer Brar’

HERSHEY’S range of syrups, spreads, cocoa have been a regular feature in pantries for a long time, especially given their popularity as taste-enhancers, topping. However, HERSHEY’S range of products can be used as a far versatile ingredient to make everyday dishes interesting, and that is the core focus of this campaign.

With “Hershey ke meethe bahane” HERSHEY’S would like to showcase the versatility of the product, giving interesting twists to everyday recipes, further driving the brand objective of increasing brand penetration and product purchasability.


On the business front, the main objective is to increase brand awareness and consideration scores resulting in higher consumption and thus growth for the brand. On the consumer front, the objective is to ensure that they get the most out of their purchase.

HERSHEY’S core objective is to drive awareness and sales resulting in brand growth.

Sarosh Shetty, Marketing Director, Hershey India, said, “The insight behind the campaign is that children come up with sweet and naughty excuses, to avoid eating everyday food. This is where Chef Ranveer steps in and co-creates delicious dishes, along with parents and of course, HERSHEY’S products.”

Execution Idea

Every parent has at least once found themselves facing the unique, sweet, funny and naughty bahanas their kids use to get out of eating their meals. With the help of Chef Ranveer Brar,HERSHEY is co-creating dishes along with the parents, using HERSHEY’S range of products, to give the kid a bahana to gobble up the dish, with delight.

With the videos, the brand targets a “buddy mom”, aged between 25-44 who uses food occasions for creating bonding moments with her child. She believes in being a “friend” to her child, and is less conforming of the hierarchical aspects of the traditional parent-child relationship.

The videos have garnered millions of eyeballs on YouTube and highly promoted on Facebook driving conversations around how to add a delightful twist to an idli or a simple paratha. Brar is seen demonstrating it all with equal ease and not only instructing women but also the 'Men of the house' as its an equal responsibility of both the genders to take care of their children health and food routine.

HERSHEY’S in the social media world

Mothers, and food enthusiasts actively scour the internet for recipes and newer, more interesting ways of preparing and presenting food to their family. Keeping this in mind, leveraging on the power of the internet, uploading videos and recipes online will play a key role in reaching out to maximum people.

HERSHEY’S ke meethe bahane will present viewers with various interesting ways of making their everyday dishes tastier and more appealing. HERSHEY’S as a brand, through the campaign will also play a key role in the life of their consumers through high affinity points.

HERSHEY’s social media strategy flows from communication and media plans, which aim at using the power and uniqueness of the highly engaging medium. The brand is also looking at landing relevant and non-intrusive brand messages which tie in with the consumer behaviour and utilise each digital platform’s unique assets and tools.

The communication of the campaign is majorly constructed around how kids use bahanas (excuses) to get out of eating healthy albeit mundane food. To drive the message home, Hershey's India introduced Monty a.k.a Ranveer Brar's childhood self who tried every trick under the sun to get out of eating home cooked food.

Taking a storytelling approach, the brand leveraged Ranveer Brar's fan following to unveil the shenanigans of Monty.

On Twitter, Hershey's leveraged Brar's 1.78 million followers as the celebrity chef posed questions, creating engagement around the hashtag.

Instagram is a rather vivid pictorial journey of the campaign - on brown backgrounds, Hershey's shared various excuses that kids use.

As opposed to taking on an army of influencers, Hershey's India relies on one celebrity influencer - Ranveer Brar, leveraging his presence across platforms. The core focus of the campaign is imbibing the thought of using Hershey's syrup in everyday dishes.

Prior to Meethe Bahane, Hershey's India on the occasion of Ramazan, initiated a contest urging fans and followers to share recipes using the brand products innovatively.

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