Infographic: Google Adwords VS. Facebook Ads

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Google Adwords VS. Facebook Ads

Confused as to what to use for advertising online? Well, here it is. The ultimate guide to the online sales, revenue generation through advertising and marketing. Whether to go for Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, this infographic lists it all for you!

Google Adwords makes the digital consumer to pay for advertisements, product offerings, services offered and video content. It is an online service by Google which works under the Pay-Per-Click model of digital revenue.

Facebook ads enables the marketers/advertisers to promote the various types of content on the social media platform and reach to millions of viewers all over the world. The ads are based on factors such as interests, age, location of the marketers as well as the consumers.

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While the two is widely utilized to increase user engagement and website/platform traffic, they differ depending on the business, budget, target audience and strategic goals. For example, Google Adwords can reach over 2.6 billion searchers each month, but Facebook allows you to target specific users based off their specific interests and behaviors.

Check out this infographic battle and find out which competitor you should be using today.

Google Adwords VS. Facebook Ads

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