Infographic: Creating perfect video ads for social media

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Jul 16, 2018 08:21 IST
video ads

Digital Marketing is the most effective strategy employed by everyone these days. For a marketer to improve his clientele, they need to improve their social media marketing presence and what better way to do that than video ads!

Be it a large multinational company or a small-scale startup, video ads on social media garner most of the consumers' attention. However, with great reach comes great responsibility and adding to that, the cutthroat competition! Therefore, it is instrumental to make an unique, innovative and at the same time engaging ad.

According to a study conducted by Animatron, 48% marketers use video ads on social media to increase traffic on their website. The social media giant, Facebook has the highest percentage of usage with 92% respondents creating video ads followed by other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and more. Along with increasing the traffic, the other prime purpose of these video ads is creating a strong Call To Action (CTA). According to the study, 75% advertisers/marketers use the social media video ads for CTA.

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These key steps will help you to create the perfect video ads on social media.

video ads

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