Infographic: 10 Free Stock Videos Sites You Can’t Miss

free stock video websites

With increased push for more and more video content by digital marketers, free stock video is in great demand because let’s face it, not every brand and business has near limitless resources at their disposal. So, which are the best free stock video websites?

Nearly 87% of online marketers are banking on video to deliver the results they wish for, and with nearly 64% of consumers admitting to making purchases after watching branded videos; can you blame marketers for leaning strongly towards video? So, if you’re a marketer looking forward to creating more video content but are being held back by limited time, resources or both, these free stock video websites are certainly a lifesaver for you.

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Earlier, Social Samosa brought an extensive list of free stock photo websites for our readers, and we decided to follow it up with something better.

Not just marketers, you could be an upcoming blogger, or a recreational content creator looking for some easy footage to weave into your work, check out these 10 free stock video websites that are here to the rescue.