Infographic: The psychology of social media       

social media psychology

The world of social media is inquisitive and interesting so much so that most of us cannot live even for a day without it. Fortunately, not all are addicted to it but some have fallen prey to the intriguing universe of comments, retweets and expressions. Yes, social media addiction in a real thing but there might be a few tips to get through it.

Since the last decade, the most rampant and effective form of communication is the social media. Thanks to it, everyone feels connected to even someone staying miles and miles away. We have all become more like a small global village. However, alike other obsessions, social media can be addictive too. Say hello to Social Media Addiction.

That irresistible urge to tweet, the compelling friendliness to like and share makes all of us the puppets of the various social networking platforms. According to a study, 60% of female social media users are addicted to social media and 56% users feel disconnected if they don’t log into their Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts.  The study also states that an average regular social media consumer spends 135 miinutes per day scrolling over their feed!

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The infographic provides an overview of the compulsion of social, including stats on usage, and a look into what it means, from a psychological standpoint.There are also some tips to help limit your social usage, helping citizens through social media addiction.

social media psychology