Snapchat’s new lens lets you play a tennis match aginst Serena Williams

Snapchat Serena Williams

Tennis aficionados have something to rejoice now as Snapchat’s new lenses will allow them to play the game against none other than World tennis champion Serena Williams.

In a new update, the popular photo-sharing app has introduced 3D Bitmoji lenses which when tapped on will kickstart your racket-on-racket war with the tennis legend. Also, you will get rated based on how well you do in the AR-based game.

You can find the Serena lens by pressing down on your screen until lenses populate on either side of the camera button. Swipe through until you see that neon green tennis ball with an S. Game, set, match, according to Mashable.

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The official Wimbledon account tweeted saying, “It was a privilege to see @serenawilliams back in her #Wimbledon whites today.

Snapchat currently boasts of 191 million daily active users.