15 Twitter replies that prove that Taco Bell is as saucy and fiery as its food!

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Taco Bell Tweets

Apart from being the people’s favorite since years,Taco Bell is famous for its quippy and funny replies. Check out these Taco Bell Tweets for yourself.

All of us are familiar with the famous American fast food restaurant Taco Bell (well, it’s a favorite of course!) But what we don’t know is that it serves the food with a side dish of something known as sarcasm and sass! No, that wasn’t a typo!

Apart from being the people’s favorite since years, Taco Bell is famous for its quippy and funny replies to celebrities and people on Twitter. Don’t believe us? Check out for yourself!

1. They’ve taken ‘Actions speak louder than words’ too seriously!

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2. They know their worth.

3. Are they? Playing the customer is the king card, are we?

4. We wouldn’t want it any other way!

5. And here I thought it was just tasty food. Guess not!

6. Taco Bell: It’s not you, it’s ME!

7. Whoa! Way to be sassy Taco Bell!

8. That’s a sweet way to be sarcastic.

9. I don’t why I’m laughing so hard at this! Loving the sassiness!

10. Well, customer is king, but Taco Bell also works at its own pace, duh!

11. Well, aren’t you naughty?

12. Putting down jokes like none other!

13. Why can I imagine them rolling their eyes while typing this reply?

14. Get your priorities straight woman!

15. Calm down buddy. (Love how they responded to this in a pseudo serious way; makes it even funnier!)

Taco Bell sure wraps its nachos with a lot of sarcasm and WE ARE LOVING IT! It’s like every person’s dream come true –food that is witty!

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