YouTube ‘Explore’ feature to help users find new content

YouTube Explore

In an attempt to make our browsing more effective across the platform, YouTube is experimenting with an ‘Explore’ option on its app. Read more about YouTube Explore below. 

The ‘Explore’ tab which is now only available to iOS users is situated at the bottom of the app’s home screen for 1 percent of those using YouTube on iOS and is designed to let them “broaden their horizons”, according to Tom Leung, the company’s director of product management. YouTube Explore aims at helping users and creators.

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In the video published by Creator Insider we can see Leung highlighting that Explore is designed to help you be exposed to different kinds of topics, videos or channels that you might not otherwise encounter. But they’re still personalized, so they’re still based on your viewing activity.

With this update, YouTube is targeting at audience growth as people access a wider variety of content. YouTube Explore might be similar to explore on Instagram wherein users have the option to consume new content basis their interests. It might be a boon for content creators, giving them more scope to get their content discovered.