Exide releases a post-independence day campaign with #WhatDrivesYou

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What Drives You

Exide celebrates these newfound values under its What Drives You philosophy.

Every year on the 15th of August, India celebrates its biggest day. A day unlike any, where everyone, across the length and breadth of the country joins in the celebrations, in all heart and spirit. We proudly hoist the national flag on our houses, decorate neighbourhoods with tricolour buntings, and deck up public places with countless flag streamers. But ever wondered what happens when the celebrations are done, and the day is over? What about those hundreds of flags that lie abandoned on the streets, floating in gutters, trampled by people, and trod over by passing vehicles?

Exide, a brand that believes in the idea of relentless passion and inner spirit, celebrates these newfound values under its #WhatDrivesYou philosophy. And in its journey of upholding such people with extraordinary drive, EXIDE brings you Jignesh Thakkar. A businessman from Kolkata who, for the last 8 years, has been celebrating Independence Day in a way like no other. Every year on the night of 15th August, Jignesh goes around the streets and lanes of Kolkata, picking up flags lying on the ground. And when you ask him why, he simply answers, “Yeh kagaz ka tukda hamara national flag hai. Iski jagaah hamaare paaon ke niche nahin, sir ke upar honi chahiye”.

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Commenting on this film, Uttio Majumdar, Chief Marketing Office, EXIDE said, “Exide has always been about the drive within oneself. In Jignesh Thakkar, we found a person who doesn’t just celebrate patriotism. But has made it the drive of his life.”

Arjun Mukherjee, VP & CCO, J Walter Thompson, Kolkata who conceptualised the film says, “On a day where you come across several feel-good and empowering films around freedom, here’s a story about an ordinary Indian driven by an extraordinary spirit of patriotism. One, that inspires the Indian in us by asking us one simple question - #WhatDrivesYou.”

Created for Exide, by J Walter Thompson, and directed by Ronny Sen, #TheFlagBearer has been released online on 16th August, the day after Independence Day.

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