Facebook removes Friend Lists feed, to ban financially endangered posts

Sneha Yadav
New Update
Facebook Friends List Feed

In two of its major updates today, Facebook has notified it’s users on the app that it is shutting down the Facebook Friends List Feed option and also will take steps in banning content that will prove to be financially endangering people on the platform.

Also, in order to amplify it’s main news feed, Facebook, effective from today, will remove the option of Facebook Friends List Feed which customized our Facebook list with our acquaintances and the posts of people we want to have a look at or are interested in.  According to the social media giant, not a lot of people used the feature to customize their lists even after Facebook later releasing the 'Smart List' option where it automatically created lists for its users according to their profiles and interests. 

In terms of a content cleanse, it’s just not the epidemic of fake news that’s concerning the social media giant but also posts on the platform that promote hate speech and financially trick people. It is due to the rise in such cases, Facebook has decided to remove such content as soon as it comes across.

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However the new Facebook notification stated that ‘you can still continue to create, edit and share to your friend lists’ while only the Feed option gets deleted.

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