Here’s how page admins can add pixel to their Facebook groups


In it’s latest update to tackle the low reach crisis of page owners on Facebook, the social media giant has come up adding Facebook pixel option for groups.

When added pixel to the group it will allow the admins to see how the engagements on particular posts on the group lead members to your website. This feature is specially built for the Facebook advertisers to boost their reach.

Steps to add Facebook pixel:

  • Go to ‘Setting’
  • Scroll to the Facebook Pixel Section
  • Select ‘Add an existing pixel’ or ‘Create a new one’
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After completing the above mentioned steps, in the Group Tab insights section the page admins will be have access to the data Data from the chosen pixel within 24 hours. However, the feature is  in the developmental phase and is expected to be made available to all Facebook groups over the next few weeks.