Milton asks Gen Z – Kahaan Ka Piya?


The article deep dives into Milton’s recent campaign Kahaan Ka Piya and decodes the age-old brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Wasn’t it yesterday when you  thought of checking your bucket list only to see that there is a lot that’s unexplored. Soon you realize that you need to tie down your travel shoes and get going? Age-old brand  home ware brand, Milton believes it has a travel essential for every explorer – the Milton Thermosteel Bottles.

To promote the  product, Milton rolled out a campaign titled ‘Kahaan Ka Piya? and aims to connect with the youth of India by means of a solo traveler’s journey, appealing to their sense of adventure and self-discovery.

Milton has targeted the outdoorsy younger audiences (18 – 30 years old) – specifically those who love to explore around, experience new things and the rest who don’t – this will be the aspirational video to induce them to travel & explore.

Campaign Objective

Milton is a heritage brand, and many of us have grown up using one, though it still comes with a certain kind of baggage of being an old fuddy-duddy brand. Speaking in terms of brand connect, Milton might have been relevant to 80’s kids and generation beyond that, but for millennials, not so much.

The idea hence was to break a pre-conceived yet a very strong notion about us by introducing a stylish, young and cool looking range of Thermosteel bottles – to make a shift from the younger audience’s perspective of Milton as a typical flask used by the elder generation – to a stylish and multipurpose must-have travel accessory.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy Indiathe film portrays a solo vacationer’s journey across the country, capturing the beauty of travel and a world of opportunities. The thrill of solo travelling has witnessed an increasing interest by women over the last few years and Milton’s new campaign is an ode to this trend. 

The objective here, for the brand goes way beyond driving sales, which will happen as a result of it’s great products – It’s more of about being imbibed in the top of minds of the potential customers or the masses in not a very obvious tactical way.

Creative Thoughtprocess

KahaanKaPiya? How many rivers, lakes, streams and seas have you crossed? How much of the world have you seen? That’s the question this commercial poses to all the young people sitting at their desks, in offices or colleges, to go out there and explore the world. “It’s a perfect communication fit especially when it comes from a brand that offers top quality and innovations in its products,”added Anurag Agnihotri– Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy India.

With a product range developed specifically keeping in mind the younger audiences of India today, and their increasing inclination to recreation and adventure activities, harping on the best topic of their interest – solo backpacking trip , women travelers– a gateway sought by every young individual today from his/her fast paced life and a genuine desire to experience the new.

Social Media Buzz

The brand went all out on social media utilising Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to the core while generating the campaign recall by posting about it on a regular basis since it’s inception in mid-August.

Milton has also launched a microsite for the Kahaan Ka Piya positioning and take the conversation ahead.

The Youtube video garnered 35,335,823 views and was shared enormously on the platform.

Instagramming all over

The campaign’s title post on Facebook has raked in 2.7 million views with 600 shares followed by number of comments.

With such large-scale activities on digital, Milton aims to occupy the space to its best and bring in a larger demographic mainly focusing on the younger generation.

Need for homeware brands to be on digital 

Every brand today needs to tailor to cross-platforms, especially on digital. The point of being on multiple social platforms is to reach as wide a group, but also as specific as possible. For a homeware brand, it is even more important as most products either belong to a very low-indulgence need-based category (as in bought once the old ones have worn out) or an extreme impulse. Digital helps the brands to open up their viewers’ imagination and offer them a possibility of making a mundane category look interesting. Milton has a strong identity, digital platform helps the brand to translate it’s voice by showcasing situations very relatable to the routine lifestyle of the viewers and indulge them in the products in a manner which is aspiring. Helps it generate awareness and encourage impulse buying, by giving an immediate Call to action of online shopping; is a more comfortable option resorted to by the customers. The campaign was amplified by Hungama Digital Services on social media platforms. 

Milton is keen on taking it ahead on the ‘explorer bit’ as it goes with the brand’s philosophy ‘Kuch Naya Sochte Hai’. Explorer can be one exploring places, exploring new inventions, new research, new sports, etc. 

The activity will last for 1.5 months. A follow up activity will be done in October -November – During the peak travel season. The company has a plan of introducing few more campaigns in this span for various categories. 

Experts speak:

Kishore KarumbaiahKishore Karumbaiah, Chief Creative Officer and Partner, Langoor

It’s always good to watch a nicely shot film that evokes the right emotions for the brand. Kudos to the agency for a free-spirited script, and the production house for pulling off a good quality film. It takes a lot emotionally to pull off a solo trip. And when you finally pack your bags, you tend to carry a couple of things which makes you feel comfortable and secure. Looks like Milton is one of them. The film will help a good old brand, an underdog in the kitchen space, like Milton to suddenly prop it’s head up and get noticed in the new age world. The youngish avatar was much needed and will elevate the brand to find a spot in the young traveler’s mind.



Darshan Bhatt- Director - GoQuest Digital StudiosDarshan Bhatt, Director, GoQuest Digital Studios

‘The film has been beautifully shot across picturesque locales – on the commonly used insight “Ghaat Ghaat ka paani piya”  addressing someone who has travelled extensively and is wise . The Film captures the essence of travel in a way that most of the young India today wants to – Fool Loose and fancy ..

To marry Kahaan Ka piya with the insight has been executed with a lot of grit and determination- it is never easy to capture the essence in a film..

Overall : Brilliant Film which leaves you wanting for more..”