How OnePlus’ marketing strategy helped the brand enter the Premium category?

OnePlus Marketing Strategy

While most brands refer to communication themes that appease the attention dwindled generation, OnePlus has managed to create a community of engaged, loyal consumers through a steady mix of content, influencer marketing, UGC, and gratification. Through a cross-platform approach, OnePlus marketing strategy has many takeaways.

Influencer Approach

Influencer marketing in a double-edged sword – one wrong association or forced tweet and the entire campaign arrives to a grinding halt. OnePlus created a network of 117 influencers in one day that helped reach a massive chunk of their TG at the same time. For the launch of OnePlus6, the brand roped in influencers from various stratas including, Suresh Raina, Mouni Roy, BeYouNick, and Anita Hassanadani to pose with the latest smartphone and create buzz.

Fascination with Speed

True to their offerings, Humanity’s Fascination with Speed managed to portray the best qualities of OnePlus handsets through high quality storytelling and cinematography. The video represented everything that OnePlus stood for, without getting to advertise-y or repetitive for that matter – it delved into the history of speed, how and when humankind attempted to get faster for getting better.

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Community first ideology

Building a community is probably not as difficult as engaging with and sustaining it. OnePlus has followed up with their community through constant gratification such as movie screenings, showing that they care.

The brand also organizes OnePlus Pop Ups giving the OnePlus community a change to interact and show that their opinion matters.

OnePlus also organized a meetup of 30 of its most engaged community members, giving them an opportunity to interact with the brand and voice their opinions. This helped the brand create a mutually trustworthy relationship.

Walking the talk

Even the best of campaigns can fall flat when they don’t translate into a product that delivers the promise. OnePlus walks the talk through quality smartphones that help win the consumers in the first place.