Snapchat shoppable AR filter rolled out to top creators

Snapchat shoppable AR filter

In a recent update, the disappearing photo-sharing app made Snapchat shoppable AR filter available to it’s top creators with many celebrities including Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner asking their followers to buy the filters.

Minaj, being the first to collaborate with Snapchat in implementing the move, promoted her new album ‘Queen’ by coming up with a Snapchat shoppable AR filter with a Shopbutton which when tapped, a page pops up where they can buy the necklace at said price. According to DigiDay, the Shoppable AR Lens feature, which appears in the Snapchat camera, is more accessible and engaging than creators’ vanishing Stories. Over 70 million people play with AR Lenses on Snapchat per day with the average time spent at three minutes, according to Snapchat.

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On an updating spree, Snapchat in July went onto create and offer various services to woo more creators on the app by launching Storytellers- a direct way for brands and creators to connect and co-create. Numbers suggest in the Snapchat quarterly report that Snapchat’s Daily Active Users fell to 188 million and reported monthly active users at 100 million. The results come roughly after six months of the redesign.