Twitter banter done right? Usain Bolt, Virat Kohli engage in a Twitter challenge

PUMA campaign

In what can be called as a fun banter, as a part of the recent PUMA campaign, two of the biggest sportsmen in the world, Usain Bolt & Virat Kholi, engaged in a virtual conversation on Twitter to reveal the newest athlete to join the PUMA family.

In the latest PUMA campaign, the duo placed a bet on social media and challenged each other in doing the task.  Bolt even went ahead to bet his favourite running spikes saying that the new cricketer coming on board is super fast but not as fast as him.

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Later, Kohli and Bolt were joined by Cricketers Stephen Fleming & Jonty Rhodes who got curious with the talkings and asked for more clues to get their hands on Bolt’s running spikes.

Did you guess? Well, no matter who joins these sports personalities, PUMA definitely managed to get the banter bit right. Twitter banters between brands and personalities for marketing purposes are getting monotonous and predictable. PUMA however chose interesting personalities, who’s conversations have that fun and curiosity element.

It will be interesting to see how the brand shapes this campaign further.