Infographic: 5 cool WhatsApp updates from 2018 you must know about

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WhatsApp Updates

With an array of new WhatsApp Updates, users and brands, both have a lot in store!

With 1.5 billion monthly users worldwide, WhatsApp  is one of the most used messaging apps. Users continuously demand better features for a better user experience .

This infographic tells you about five of the coolest WhatsApp features of 2018 to make using it easier.

1. Labeling Forwarded Messages:

WhatsApp will now label all the forwarded messages you have received. It will be visible on both, the sender's and receiver's end. The receiver will now know if the sender wrote the message or forwarded one.

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2. Group Admins Control Who Can Send Messages:

Group Admins will now have control over who can send messages on the group --all the participants or just the admins. This will be really beneficial for official groups so that only important announcements and news go out.

3. Enhanced Group Experience:

To enhance the group chat experience on the app, WhatsApp has brought in a lot of tools such as, Group Descriptions, Mentions, Admin Controls, Group Creators, and more .

4. WhatsApp Business App:

A free-to-deliver Android app for businesses to communicate with customers using a business profile. Businesses can easily communicate with their prospective customers in an effective way using the app.

5. Delete Messages Sent By Mistake:

By using the option of 'delete for everyone' or 'delete for me', you can delete a message that was sent by mistake within an hour of sending it. It is applicable in one-on-one as well as group chats.


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