Infographic: Storytelling v/s Corporate Speak

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Aug 06, 2018 02:46 IST
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Storytelling VS. Corporate Speak

The infographic is a faceoff between the storytelling and etiquette of corporate communication - Storytelling v/sCorporate Speak

In this competitive world, the art of expressive storytelling as well as the subtle etiquette of corporate communication both are essential and extensively used in their respective domains. It is on the individual to use one of them accordingly. Ultimately, it is your call to use 'Pleased to announce or What  the hell!'

Storytelling deals with casual language, elaborate explanation in a friendly environment probably over a cup of coffee or hanging out at the local food joint. The expressions used are colloquial in nature and the aura of the place is cheerful and overtly expressive.

On the other hand, the corporate speak is the most sophisticated conversation under the sun. Forget slangs, not even colloquial langauge. It is as if with the shirt and tie, comes an entirely sanitized tongue ironically hurling sometimes some of the worst accusations through a well-orchestrated meeting.

Both are extremely important for smooth functioning of a group or even an organization for that matter. However, which is more appealing and effective?

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The infographic below states the crucial differences which can help you make an informed decision.

Storytelling VS. Corporate Speak

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