YouTube pays creators to promote platform services

Youtube creators

It has been learnt from various reports that YouTube is paying huge monies to some of top Youtube creators to promote it’s newly launched features.

The features include pinned comments in chats, subscriptions, paid memberships and many more. In a quest to stay ahead of the competition, the video sharing platform, in every way possible, is promoting its services widely to woo subscribers and creators online. However, the names of Youtube creators who have been at the receiving end of the amount haven been disclosed. These creators in a way add value its services by addressing others and making them aware that there are more ways on earning on the social media platforms than just advertisements.

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Last month to make earning for its creators more feasible, YouTube had released a set of updates and expanded the monetising portfolio for the ardent youtubers. According to statistics, on average, users now watch over 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens every day.