YouTube enables non-skippable ads, up to a max length of 20 seconds


In the preceding times YouTube showed an option enabling the viewer to skip ads but according to a social media consultant Matt Navarra’s tweet, YouTube will roll out the ability to enable non-skippable ads, up to a maximum length of 20 seconds, to all creators in its Partner Program starting next week.

The feature was first made available to a select few, now the video sharing platform is rolling out to everyone in their YouTube Partner Program, allowing creators to earn more from their content.

One of the reasons people preferred YouTube over television was that they had the liberty of skipping ads and choosing what they wanted to see. For everyone, YouTube is used for watching music videos, how to guides, recipes, comedy shows and more. 

Advertisements shown before the video has helped YouTube monetize the platform by charging the advertisers. YouTube has also gradually started showing advertisements in-between videos and at the end, along with showing them at the start. As, YouTube offers a number of categories, it also caters a large number of audience building a huge demographic and generating substantial revenue. Though it looks lucrative to enable non-skippable ads up to 20 seconds, this might infuriate viewers and probably may lead to the decline in the viewership and revenue. However, for all the content creators who are part of the “YouTube Partner Programme,” this will prove out to be a good news as they’ll be able to earn more from their content. Indirectly tempting more creators to opt for the platform. They’ll also be able to turn on non-skippable ads on their existing videos.

Once the feature is rolled out, it will be turned on their existing videos.

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While YouTube’s new announcement might annoy a few, the updated comment feature will calm the already annoyed users. The platform has improved the features in the commenting section which was previously a miscellaneous collection of flaws like auto-filling of usernames when you begin a reply, the parent comment now appears in the form of a block tag. Taping backspace a couple times would delete the entire tag but it also looks like there’s no way to tag somebody without replying to their comment.