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Who are we?

First Launch is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides innovative branding solutions through the synthesis of digital marketing, design, and technology.

With the solid foundation from Think201 (our parent company), we are a team of highly-creative, young minds set to create the next BIG THING, through our digital marketing and branding solutions.

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What's in the name?

Think201, in the course of its journey of providing tech solutions to startups and enterprises, encountered with a quite a few clients coming back saying, “Now that you’ve built our product (MVP), can you also help us launch the product with marketing?” And thus “First Launch” was born with the intent of helping startups validate the market with comprehensive digital marketing solutions, and hence the name!

What we do?

With the perfect mix of strong tech acumen from Think201 and the divergent thinking of the team, we’re able to provide comprehensive digital solutions to businesses.

Our services include Content Marketing, Copywriting and Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Podcasting and Video Marketing.

Why we do it?

In a highly competitive market where you have digital marketing agencies springing up all over the map, we aim at not just being the agency of the future, but also at providing value to all our clients and align our marketing objectives with the business goals and not just work towards increasing likes, followers, and traffic!

We have been able to create our mark in the industry with the in-depth infusion of technology in our digital marketing services. For example, to leverage the best out of push marketing, we have developed a tool called PingTo, which has helped us launch simultaneous campaigns across multiple platforms with ease.

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How we evolve?

Two words - hypothesis testing!

We dare to fail and never fail to learn from our mistakes. This approach has helped us push boundaries within the team and has contributed towards tremendous value addition to our clients. We understand that digital marketing is a continuous process, so we never stop experimenting and learning.

Social responsibility in social media

Going digital in general itself comes with its fair share of pros and cons, for which we make it our duty to educate our clients. Having said that, we leverage the pros and stay away from the cons, in order to create a personal connection between the brand and its audience without bias.

Need of the hour

Guidance! With the rapid digitalization, we believe that there is to be some sort of guidance or mentorship required in educating the masses. Also, as easy as it is to share our two cents on every matter, we need to take care of being P.C. as it would hurt the brand in the long run.

So, to summarise, we quote Uncle Ben, from Spiderman- “With great power comes great responsibility!”

We learned the hard way

  1. Create content for people not for algorithms
  2. Be patient and the results will show (a rule for life itself)

Did we just share that?

During the initial stages, we had engaged with an e-Commerce player with the target of increasing the sales. By the third month of engagement, we realised that we were not able to provide the value that we initially intended to and approached the client to voluntarily end the engagement on those grounds.

To our surprise, the client was very much impressed by our efforts and in fact motivated us to continue by saying we were very much closer to breaking-in the results.

That is definitely a saga that we will not forget!

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They work with us

From a social app for gratitude (WannaThankYou) to one of the largest camping communities in India (CampMonk), and everything in between, we service a unique portfolio of clients in both B2B and B2C space.

Industry as we foresee

The digitization is real and is bigger than ever! Having said that we feel that it is going to (and will continue to) come down to how effectively brands can leverage all the offline and online channels cohesively for sales and not just rely on one particular medium.

And with user’s attention span diminishing by the second and the want for information/data increasing inversely, it’ll come down to how well a brand can story-sell!

A day without Internet

We indeed are dependent on the internet, but our day doesn't stop if the internet is down. When offline, we turn into musicians with the team taking to the guitar, keyboard and astounding vocals, to say the least. Also, we pride ourselves on being the best at foosball, so we’re open to any challenge!

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