Engagement with brands is 10 times higher on Instagram than Facebook: Vidooly

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Boasting of 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the third most popular social networking platform following its parent company Facebook at Number 1. With the rise and rise of Instagram Stories, the arrival of IGTV, and many UI updates, the photo-sharing app is on its way up.

A recent report by Vidooly, an online video analytics & marketing company shares that Instagram recorded a whopping 52 million monthly active users in India as of January 2018. Vidooly’s report sheds light on Instagram India Insights, marketing characteristics and platform usage statistics with key data points around engagement.

Key Insights from the report:

– 60% of users login daily on Instagram as it becomes the second most engaged social networking platform after Facebook

– 18- 34 years is the biggest demographic active on this platform accounting for 64% of total users

– With 50% of the brands on Instagram, engagement with them is 10 times higher on Instagram than Facebook

– Posts with at least one hashtag gain 12.6% more engagement

– More than 8 million business accounts are present on IG with 80% users following at least one business account

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– 60% of users first heard about a product on Instagram

– Ad revenue from Instagram is expected to touch USD 7 Billion in 2018 with 25% of ads in the from of videos

– 32% viewership is from 18-24 age group years age group with females leading at 50.3%

– Apart from the US, majority of user growth is coming from developing countries such as India, Brazil and Indonesia

– 9gag is the most engaged publisher on Instagram with 223.9 million interactions while Instagram’s official account being the most followed at 233.9 million followed by Selena Gomez at 135.5 million.

– 80% of influencers prefer Instagram for Brand Collaborations while 60% of Gen Z prefers Influencers than Celebrities in an Ad

– Unlike global, females account for only 26% of total users in India on Instagram

– All India Bakchod (AIB) is the most engaged account at 24.1 million impressions followed by Filtercopy at 21.7 million.

Further, the report shares how Instagram usage has doubled over the last two years with 80 million photos shared on the app on an average day. Instagram also boasts being multilingual, supporting 39 native languages. In case you too are wondering on which is the apt filter for your next photo, Clarendon is the most popular filter.

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