Facebook’s recent feature lets you respond to notifications in the tab itself

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Facebook notifications

Facebook now lets you respond to Facebook notifications inside the notification tab itself. It is also testing a new feature which would let you turn on post approval for a particular member of the group who is posting offensive or spam messages to monitor content and take action accordingly.

Facebook has been refurbishing itself and introducing new features to make the platform more user-friendly. The new feature of letting you respond to notificationswithin the page itself was first spotted by Matt Navarra. 

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Facebook has also been subjected with derogatory and objectionable content, be it on the news feed or groups. In an attempt to combat questionable content, it has been testing a new feature to control it in the groups’ section. If you don’t wish to remove a user who’s spamming or sharing questionable content from the group, the option ‘Turn on post approval for member’, would help you prevent it.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra had notified abut these features through his tweets.

Essentially the feature empowers group admins to monitor and pre-screen content before it gets shared with other group members. The feature however, is in testing phase.

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