Instagram introduces personalised emoji section and new filters for Stories


Instagram introduced a new personalised emoji fragment in the comments section aloft the text field and fresh conspicuous filters for IG stories.

Now it is easy to use our favourite emojis on Instagram. After introducing the emoji feature in Stories, the platform is all set to make conversations in the comment section more fun. Though the feature is not available in DMs’ segment as of now. This section would include the user’s most or frequently used emojis.

Engagement on Instagram via comments using emoji is seen all over the platform. It’s also a way of making you visible on the platform and stay active. The new feature only makes it easier.


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The new feature would make the text of the comments more expressive. As various interpretations come out of words, emojis specify the emotions associated and when it’s easier to use, more people would opt for it.

Instagram stories are also going to get more dramatic, and expressing the daily happenings of your life would be uncomplicated as they have come up with new filters which depict everything from love, something that is lit, a sad incident, a thingummy you don’t approve or drama and more.

These filters and superzoom effects along with creative visuals are accompanied with sounds and music appropriate for the scene like heavy metal music for something that is fire, melancholic music when comes a situation where you’re stressed out or you can’t decide if you hate/love them, the music that describes the feeling of falling in love and so on, these filters have nailed it.

With the success of superzoom and boomerang, Instagram is going to take it further with these features.