Case Study: How Panasonic created conversations among bloggers and photo journalists with #BeyondFrames

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Panasonic Case Study

Category Introduction

The Imaging Business in India is an extremely competitive market, estimated at INR 4000 Crores and growing.

Brand Introduction

Panasonic Lumix is a pioneer in the mirrorless camera technology, with a major focus on video technology.



A concept that was born out of the immense love for photography. A love that looks at photography as something that is beyond a hobby, beyond a passion and, beyond a vocation. A love that looks at photography as a language. A language of expression. A language that goes beyond your daily forms of expression. A language that allows you to #CaptureLife the way you see it. is an NGO which has been working to make photography a tool to enable people who are differently abled to express themselves. Panasonic saw this as an opportunity to become enablers, keeping true to the brand ethos of #ChangingPhotography and thus partnered with them by providing them with cameras and gears to conduct workshops

The response to #BeyondFrames has been phenomenal and has definitely tugged at the heartstrings of people across the board. Along with this, it managed to yield a considerate share of voice for Panasonic Lumix in the imaging business conversation.

Problem Statement/Objective

The overarching objective was to differentiate the brand from the other ongoing campaigns in lieu of World Photography Day while remaining true to the brand’s primary proposition of #ChangingPhotography.


The brief was straightforward – leverage World Photography Day to set Lumix aside from traditional communication around photography and to simultaneously celebrate photography.


There were a couple of challenges faced in first decoding the brief and second in the execution of the campaign. Differentiation is a tough proposition, given the massively image driven idea of photography. On the execution front, finding the right partnership for an ambitious project (with respect to whom the brand can work with) was definitely a challenge.


Phase 1

The pilot phase was all about Introducing & building a story around #BeyondFrames.  A 5-sec teaser was shared to create a stir among the audience leading to a 10-sec video giving a sneak-peak about the idea of #BeyondFrames.

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Pre-buzz stage

The build-up happened to create a stir and make the audience inquisitive about the activity.


On Instagram, it was about communicating #BeyondFrames through engaging stories and build up towards the main video.

pan 1

Phase 2

It was time to unveil the complete story behind #BeyondFrames. In this phase, Panasonic launched the main video, which showcased the passion & love of differently-abled people towards photography and how beautifully they perceive the world around them and craft that on the photography canvas. The video trended on Twitter in no time with users indulging in conversations and appreciating the concept behind the whole campaign.


Acknowledging the work and vision of the differently-abled people and encapsulating their love and passion for photography in a video


pan 2

pan 3

#BeyondFrames trended 3rd on Twitter after the release of the video and created conversation.

pan 4

pan 5



Phase 3

On-Ground event – Photo Video 2018

The event saw imaging brands coming in to showcase the best of their products in the market. Whereas, team #BeyondFrames swiftly grabbed eyeballs and were the centre of attraction. The exhibition showcased their best work and was attended by their mentor, close ones, fellow-photographers and models (who were clicked) like to be a part of this celebration and a reason to rejoice.


It increased the share of voice that Lumix had on World photography day.

It created a sustainable asset for the brand in the form of #BeyondFrames

The campaign put Lumix in the conversation amongst the key target markets, like bloggers, travellers and phot0 journalists.

Panasonic was able to reach more than 1M users throughout the campaign with total views of 5 lacs from all the social platforms.

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